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02 9476 6090

3a William St, Hornsby 2077

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Cosmetic Tattoo for Lips

Beautiful natural lips, full lip colour, lip blends, lip liner, sparkle lip or pouted lips, these are all techniques which will create a wonderful look.

You can increase the size of a small lip shape to a fuller more accentuated lip.
You can give lips a fuller look, even if your lip line is small , you can also correct an uneven lip line.

As with full lip colour in the centre of the lips by using a lighter colour you can create a  pout.
You can be a bright as you like with your choosen colour or just a couple of shades darker than your natural lip line. 
In the main photo on the front page the lady has a double verbena which is a lip line under her natural lip line, which she calls "the old lady lip line,"but when coloured it looks fantastic.


Photo's below shows  full lip tattooing, one quite natural and the other with strong outline of colour.


It's your choice what you would like to have, we are all used to having our lips a certain way, anything can be achieved but sometimes a consult is the way to go. 

Before lip colour
After full lip colour