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Eyebrow Tattoo

'Wake up with Makeup'
Guess  what eyebrows are not twins they are sisters!
Their are many of us without the perfect brow shape, but you can have a great shape with cosmetic tattooing, it does not matter how uneven your brows are, we can make them look great.
The shaping of the eyebrow is  so important! as is the correct colour with your eyebrows. Your eyebrows need to be the right contour shape, they frame your  face and complement your eyes when shaped well , people will notice you your face as complete.

There are many cosmetic tattoo techniques available which will give you a very natural soft shape, hairstrokes, three dimensional eyebrows Ombre brows are just a few techniques that we can discuss with you.
Cosmetic tattoo makes your life easier, especially when our eye's start to deteriorate, it's takes time to apply, to wake up with make up is wonderful and you feel confident .

As we age we lose definition, our hair lightens as does our eyebrow hair, even our skin changes . 
Cosmetic tattoo is a god send for many people.
Below photos are the stages for colour correction from blue eyebrows, back to a lovely colour in this case Taupe.
First photo you can see the blue reflect coming through the brows
Second photo is the finished result is a natural Taupe colour which looks soft on silver hair.
Third photo is the orange filler colour necessary for the colour to be changed from blue to taupe.
Fourth photo is changed colour straight after treatment now go back t second photo you can see the colour has softened this is correct with all cosmetic tattoo the colour after a week fades to a softer shade.

Black reflect coming through eyebrows from 18 yrs old eyebrow tattoo



When your eyebrow shape is uneven, people will notice what doesn't look right, it looks out of balance.


Wrong shape, wrong colour and scars can interfere with the natural look of and eyebrow.

Just because you may have been born with a not so great shape , doesn't mean you can't have a great shape ,you may have plucked away those brows in the 60's 70's and they have not grown back. Cosmetic tattoo is your answer,  below are some eyebrow shapes that I have corrected, which  gives a more contoured  look to the overall eyebrow shape.

 Correct shape and correct colour can make allt he difference to your overall look.


As we age we lose a lot of defination from our face, our eyebrow hair lightens, along with our natural hair on our head and skin becomes harder to energise, looses its  luster it's pink glow and becomes pale.


It takes time,in the morning to do all that we do and to apply makeup is extra time.

Not only is it the time factor it's also the fact that some of us cannnot see to do the major art work required.


To wake up with makeup is wonderful ,so easy no more having to spend so much time in getting them to look the same and you feel better within yourself more confident.

Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo

Eyeliner there are many techniques, shapes it can be as limited as your imagination.

Sometimes by making the line longer or shorter, thinner in the inner side of eye, or thickening at the outer corner, it's all part of your consultation.
Hair enhancement is another technique,  fine dot's are applied ,not signifying a line as such, creates a softer look if your not sure, whether you wish to have a solid line.

It is a soft effect for those not willing to take the plunge and go for solid eyeliner.

Halo effects are brilliant, but do take a second visit.

Several colours can achieve a fantastic look!

Eyeliner can be as thin, or as thick as you would like.

Once you decide to have the treatment you'll never look back ,simple, easy, and no time wasting to achieve the look you want. 

When your eyesight starts to fade it is truly a god send to have it.

Many different colours to choose from and many effects with cosmetic tattoo can be achieved.

Free consultation, have your eye's lined with a few different techniques a see for yourself, what would suit you the best.

Before Eyeliner tattoo

After bottom eyeliner tattoo

Before top and bottom eyeliner

After top and bottom Eyeliner