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02 9476 6090

3a William St, Hornsby 2077

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Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara:



This is a  procedure that coats the lashes.


This coating adds volume, length, and color to your lashes, is 100%

waterproof, smear-proof and lasts two weeks - three weeks.

It’s ideal for active lifestyles as well as special events like weddings and vacations.


Better still, it’s professionally applied  technicians and can be offered at a fraction of the cost of extensions.




Eyelash lifting 


Everyone wants beautiful long eyelashes!
They make us look feminine,and sexy.
It takes less than an hour and you can have beautiful long lashes,most people really don't think their lashes are long until they are lifted and the direction of the lash is changed and the effect is amazing.
The lift creates a thicker longer lash look,it does swell the cuticle of the hair which is why a eyelash tint is applied after, which is included in the inital cost ,this closes the cutile of the hair.
This treatment lasts 3 months, yes three months.
I we do recommend you have a lash tint in between at the six to eight week, time frame as this will give you the full time out of your lash lift.

Eyelash lifting  supersedes lash tinting, unless you already have curly lashes.
Once you try the lift there is no going back to lash tinting alone, it just does not pack the punch that the lift gives you.