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02 9476 6090

3a William St, Hornsby 2077

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With Eyeliner there are so many different techniques,and shapes it can be as limited as your imagination.

Sometimes by making the line longer of shorter ,thinner in the inner side of the eyes, or thickening at the outer corner, it all depends on the shape you want to achieve, and it is all part of your consultation.

Hair Enhancement is another technique ,fine dots are applied inbetween your lashes creates a softer look so if  your not sure whether you wish to have a solid line maybe consider this technique.

Halo effects are brilliant, but do take a second treatment,several colours can achieve a fantastic look.

Eyeliner can be as thin or as thick as you would like,it all depends on how you are used to seeing yourself.

Once you decide to have the treatment you will never look back ,Simple,Easy, and no time wasting to achive the look youwant.

when your eyesight starts to fade it is truly a god send to have it.

many diffrent coulour to choose from and many effects with cosmetic tattoo can be achieved.

Free consultation, have your eye's lined with a few different techniques and see for yourself, what would suit you the best.

Before top eyeliner

After  a thicker top eyeliner

Before Eyeliner tattoo

After bottom eyeliner tattoo

Before top and bottom eyeliner

After top and bottom Eyeliner

Before Eyeliner tattoo

After bottom eyeliner tattoo