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02 9476 6090

3a William St, Hornsby 2077

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Face Treatments Available

Refresh Facial  Gives the skin a pick me up Bio Active peel is used along with some super fluids 


Healthy Aging Facials with Nimue Skin Technologies for Enviromentally damaged aging Skins.


Deep Cleansing treatments for problamatic skin conditions such as Acne,Pimples,Mila, and Blackheads.


Dermia Skin Needling  facials for a superior rejuvenation of your skin.

Reduced Pores, stimulates your collagen and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


MAX 7 LED : is Light Emitting Diod  has the ability to help with conditions such as Eczema ( in one session)  Dry Sensitive Skins, they can correct sensitized reddened skins, problematic acne scared skins, anti aging skins with no down time.


Meso Therapy  is Skin Needling, this changes the structure of our skin by stimulating elastin and collagen this greatly improves the texture of an aging skin and keeps it really looking youthful for the future.



IPL:  is  Intense pulse light for hair removal ,and also for skin rejuvenation, reddness ,it can even can treat toe fungas!.


Add on treatments which can be incorporated in most facials.


 Extractions :removal of (Mila, Blackheads and pimples)


AHA"S Alpha Hydroxy Acids :, help to remove surface nectotic dead cells and break up the surface dead cells attached to your epidermis remove this and the skin glows an you get better penatration  of all products used on your skin.


Massage twenty minutes can be included in most facials except,the  highly stimulating treatments.


Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Eliminates necrotic cells ( cells that  are dying)  like and AHA and really help remove blackheads.


Vit C Treatment Strengthens skin and supports healthy collagen formation in an aging skin great for enviromentally damaged skin or smokers skin, and also helps with pigmentation.


Most of these treatments require an Hour of your time, dependent on the add on's you choose.




Teenage Cleansing Treatments :


I reduce the cost for this treatment, as it is a very difficult time for kids, they need to have a system in place to help to keep on top of the pubesence period they are going though with the changes in their skin..


We discuss a program of how they clean their  skin and keep it looking clearer and cleaner for longer.



Two products are an absolute must ! German products called Dr Eckstein.

:Azulen Paste and Lavolind ,they will love them.!


Azulen paste, starts the healing process  of a pimple it's antibacterial and is tinted so covers the pimple and any scaring.


Lavolind is a cleanser that does not alter the acid mantel which is the balance of oil production keeps the skin in a neutral state where balance is the answer not drying the skin out!



Below Second photo!


Eyelifting Fibroblasting Treatment.


This Treatment is fantastic for reducing sagging Eyelids, it can also be used around the mouth for wrinkles.

You can do a mini face lifting Treatment, Nasal Folds,any wrinkle can be treated.


Neck area is very difficult to get great results with any treatment and it can possibly take a few, to get this area looking good but you get amazing results with doing the Turkey neck area which is the centre.

Below Photo :

is a woman who had Meso Therapy,or  Skin Needling on one side of her lip!

Can you guess which side was treated?

 Meso Therapy is also known as Skin Needling it stimulates your own collagen, thickens the dermis for a stronger for longer healthier looking skin increases the thicklness, this just continues to improves over time.

This was taken in 2016 the results are outstanding.