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02 9476 6090

3a William St, Hornsby 2077

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Over the Anzac long weekend we had a mini break down to Bathurst ,Cowra,Junee and Goulburn.


After going to the Royal Easter show earlier in April, I came across this unique brand of Licorice which I had no idea about an Australian company factory in Junee NSW.


Our Journey was fun started in Bathurst at the family hotel which had a cover band playing most tof the 1970's music they were really good fun.


Upon my booking Family Hotel  I had not realised that I had booked us, bunk beds,  was an interesting night, felt like a kid on the top bunk :)


Off onto The Hub for breakfeast, in the main street of Bathurst really good spot, interesting inside and out busy little cafe.


Our last day we went to the Licorice Factory at Junee, open to the public it's an old Flour Mill, go to the website for all the details ,but if you have kids depending on the day,and what they are producing , they can go and make a giant freckle, see the factory in operation, just be sure to check before to see which of their delicious morsels, they are making on the day.


We had arrived late and they had stopped production in the factory ,but we did get to see the video on how and what goes on inside the factory,and you can see through the glass at all the machines. There is a gift shop upstairs and downstairs cafe resturant ,and one stop shop for all your licorice needs.


The reason I was so impressed with this licorice is that they use Panella sugar (which is a different part of the sugar cane) spelt flour and real rasberries in their licorice, they freeze dry strawberries and do an organic licorice as well.


After chatting away with the girl in the shop, in walked in the owners ,she explained to them that we had come from the Royal Easter Show ,and they were very impressed and we walked around with them.

  I commented on the stone walls that surround the factory,they explained to me how they were from the gold rush days when the chinese where panning for gold they needed to be fed and the farmers would feed them and they built these beautiful stone walls for the farmers.


The owners brought them to surround the enclosure of the factory ,cafe and outside areas.


They asked me, if I like old things? in which i looked at my partner :) and said yes I do, they asked if we would like to go upstairs for a look at where they live.......... on top of the flour mill .................Fantastic!

What a great afternoon! I felt very spoilt.


They started with a old Flour Mill and made Cookies ,after mentioning to a friend "we wouldn't mind diversifying and making Jellybeans",the friend said "why would you when you have a flour mill, Make Licorice" and the rest is....... Licorice_History.


A little country trip three days, did a masterclass learning all about chocolate.


Orign Chocolate they are in Orange.

A stop off  at the Beekeepers Inn ,say hello to Vicki the owner,Your kids  can see a wall of bee's working hard for their queen and everything you can imagine about bee's is in there for you to purchase.


Oh what fun we had!