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3a William Street
Hornsby 2077

02 9476 6090

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02 9476 6090

3a William St, Hornsby 2077

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There are lots of little gift ideas on this page, hand made little  doll necklaces handmade in Paris.


Glass cases which could also be used as a Jewlery case beautiful to touch and perfectly made also french.

Leather key rings Owls and Penguins many other designs, Japan designs and they are made in Lichfield london


Soaps from paris many different sents with funny pictures perfect to send to a friend who is missing Paris or just to have as a ornament in your bathroom.




Beautifully made little leather purses with clever covers ( the cat trying to get the fish)


If you haven't ever smelt the scent of these beautiful candles ,so many scents ,don't lite them just yet ! leave them with the lid off for a month allow the scent to fill your room.



The company is third generation beekeepers no nasties only true essential oils. and pure bees wax,discover these and you will never want to have another trust me they are marvelous.