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02 9476 6090

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Is the removal of individual hairs via a disposable needle inserted under the hair into the follicle the hair is affected by the electric current, and it is removed by tweezer this is the most permanent way to remove every hair, and colour permanently.

More than one treatment is necessary for long time hair removal.


IPL   Is intense pulsed light, it can reduce hair growth and help with skin rejuvenation improve skin tone and wrinkles.


Cryotherapy   is a procedure that can eliminate Warts, Cysts, Pigmentation,on hands and face it removes Sebaceaus Cysts and small Skin Tags pain free.


Treating skin Irregularites


Using Diathermy Technology the Barnicles of Old Age can be removed with great success within minutes.


Skin Tags 

Stalk Skin Tags


Cherry Angiomas (red blood spots)

Sebaceous Cysts

Cholesterol deposits,Clogged Pores, and Spider Veins all can be removed using this Technology.



Special occasion make up 


spray tans