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02 9476 6090

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Before Skin Needling

The technique of skin needling is used to rejuvenate scar tissue and stimulate new formations of collagen.

The Photo below shows before, deep scars greyish in colour and fairly tight scar formation resulting from the surgery.

The nipple was previously coloured at another salon as you can see the colour over the years has faded off to a warm orange tone.


The technique of skin needling has remarkable results, this photo is  2yrs between the inital treatment,you can see a huge difference in the size of the scar width  the colour and the area is plumped and fuller which  shows the scar tissue as much.

The Areola has been repigmented this is straigh after treatment ,you will get a reduction in the dept of the colour. 

Breast Areola Tattoo and skin Needling on scared area of breast.

After Breast Areola Tattoo
After Breast reconstruction . Before Breast Areola Tattoo.
After Breast Areola Tattoo

Before skin needling treatments first two photo's .

After last two photo's.

Often a few treatments are necessary over a 6-8 week period.

These photo's are one treatment only!