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Fibroblasting Treatment Sydney

Fibroblast treatments are a revolutionary non-surgical lift procedure that drastically reduces wrinkles.

Fibroblasting is suitable for 

  • Acne Scarring
  • Glabella Lines (between eyebrows)
  • Perioral Lines
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Eyelid Tightening
  • Pigmentation/Age Spots
  • Smokers/ Lip Lines
  • Tattoo Fading
  • Skin Tags
  • Cheek Wrinkles
  • Necklines

Below Eyelid lifting and under Eyelifting with Purebeau fibroblasting remove those wrinkles for years!


With photos of real results!

I’m sure that by now you will have heard of plasma skin tightening and seen the amazing results it can give for reducing wrinkles and fine lines, as well as non-surgical upper eyelid lifting. But did you know that you can also use Plasma Fibroblast for Stretch Marks and Scars?

Here’s what you need to know before committing to Plasma Fibroblast for Stretch Marks and Scars.

It takes longer to heal

The skin on our face will heal relatively quickly compared to other parts of the body. Healthy skin will also heal much quicker than skin that has some form of previous trauma that results in scar tissue forming. This means that when using Plasma Fibroblast for Stretch Marks and scars we need to be patient and accept that the final results from the treatment will not be visible any earlier than 3 months or in some cases longer.

The area will be red and inflamed for longer than the face is following plasma fibroblast treatment.

The further the treatment area is from the heart, the longer it will take to heal. This lengthened healing process is also seen with other skin injuries and even tattoo removal, where you will need more treatments to remove a foot tattoo than an upper body tattoo.
The treated area will look red and angry for at least one week, maybe longer depending on your body’s immune system and healing process, as well as the intensity of the treatment.

You can only treat old scars and stretch marks

The ideal scar or stretch marks for treatment are faded to a white colour. If there is any redness or purple coloration to the skin, they are too new for treatment and you must give them more time to heal naturally.

If you treat skin that is still healing, you may be causing too much trauma to the new skin, and this could result in causing more scarring rather than being beneficial to the appearance of the skin.

You may need more than one treatment

While most scars and stretchmarks respond very well to fibroblast plasma treatment, there are some cases where we recommend treating the area with skin needling first. Some areas of scar tissue have reduced collagen or in the case of hypertrophic scarring, excess collagen giving the appearance of either a depression or a lump on the skin. In this case it is recommended to first treat the collagen issue before attempting to resurface the skin with plasma fibroblast.

Results are Permanent!

Yep that’s right! Any benefit you gain from this treatment will last forever!

For the purpose of science, and sharing of information I have personally treated and tracked my own healing process below. I’ve treated both an old scar on my leg from a childhood injury as well as some stretch marks left over from puberty (thanks hormones!).

And here is the process from start to finish. These images are 100% unedited 🙂

PHOTOS: This article and photos are kindly given by Sydney College of hair and beauty where I studied and trained in Fibroblasting.

Fibroblast creates a plasma flash to stimulate tighter skin fibres, increased collagen and elastin. 

The principal is to ionise gases in the air to create a small electrical arc – similar to a tiny lightning bolt – with which dermal and epidermal areas affected with wrinkles can be treated without spreading heat to unwanted areas. This simulates instant contraction, which you can see in the photos straight after each treatment. It shortens and tightens the skin fibres, resulting in a reduction of the skin surface.

Most types of skin resurfacing treatments are based on the idea of damaging the skin in a controlled manner, triggering the healing response, which leads to skin remodelling and improvement in various signs of aging. Fibroblast works the same way but with some interesting twists.

Fibroblast is a non-invasive treatment that does not require cuts to the skin or any stitching. Patients report experiencing either no pain at all or only temporary minimal discomfort. 

For effective anti-wrinkle treatment that will help restore your skin to a younger, radiant version of yourself, book in a consultation for a fibroblast treatment today.