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Skinial Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Without Painful Laser!

Using lactic acid as a safe effective method to remove your tattoo. Skinial tattoo removal was founded in Germany and is the largest international non-laser tattoo removal company. There are 40 studios in 7 countries and is developed by pharmacists and dermatologists.

The tattoo ink comes out of the skin using the natural rejection process of the body. The lactic acid removal liquid leaves no residue in the body. It is degraded by the body within 30 minutes of treatment.

Removes all colours!

Unlike laser, an accurate number of treatments can be estimated for complete removal of a tattoo.

Less painful than laser.

If you have a professional tattoo and have not had any previous laser treatment the colour will always come out. Average number of treatments is 3-5 depending on size.

 Less treatment = Less cost

Using a micro-pigmentation machine, small circular areas of the epidermis are abraded and the diluted lactic acid fluid is dropped onto the skin. The needles penetrate the dermis to approximately 1-1.3mm depth of ink. The body then recognises the pigment as a foreign substance and naturally rejects it to the surface where it becomes part of the scab that forms. Laser blasts the tattoo with high heat and breaks ink down, the heat can turn some of the ink molecules into carcinogenic compounds (cancer causing).

The body does not eliminate the ink, it can be found in the lymph, spleen, liver and kidneys. With laser you cannot accurately estimate the number of treatments, can be anything from 6-20. Due to the number of treatments it can be very expensive. When the pigment is broken down and released into the immune system, residual pigment is transported to the lymph nodes and can be found by surgical exploration. Often after several treatments the ink remains deep in the dermis, no further removal is possible.